ICP-OES Ultima 2

Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry is the ideal instrument to measure major elements (%) and some trace elements (ppm) such as metals in solutions. Such instrument is widely used in geology for the determination of major elements in rocks but also for the determination of metals in wine or As in food or water.

HR-ICP-MS Element 2, ICP-Q-MS X series 2 and Laser coherent 193 Nm

Two Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometers (high resolution and quadrupole) are available to measure trace and ultra trace elements in solutions or in situ through a laser ablation system.

Stable Isotopes

We are equipped with 3 IRMS.

2 Delta V+ connected to a gaz bench and an EA and a MAT 253 connected to a Kiel sample preparation apparatus. We are able to measure O, C and N isotopes in carbonate or organic matrix.

The Kiel apparatus is dedicated to very high precision measurements on very small samples quantities (analyses on one foraminifera shell for example).

Radiogenic isotopes


TIMS Triton

The thermo-ionization mass spectrometer Triton is used to measure high precision radiogenic isotope ratios such as 87Sr/86Sr or 143Nd/144Nd. It is also used in ultra high precision concentrations measurements through an isotope dilution method (Rb, Sr, Sm and Nd concentrations).
MC-ICPMS Neptune


The multi-collector ICP-MS Neptune allows high precision measurements of Pb isotopes and Hf isotopes. The MC-ICPMS technique is also used to measure U and Th isotopes.

Sample preparation

All your samples will be prepared in class 10000 and/or class 1000 clean labs.

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